01 March 2007

I specifically asked for no mayo!

One would think that the nice part of being an aerospace engineer in a large company is that you work with a bunch of other engineers. For one with SSA, this is good because even though 95% of the people you work with are male, they are all poorly dressed, have bad hygiene, and are generally unattractive people who probably shouldn't procreate anyway. And then there are those who defy the stereotypical engineering profile - and herein lies the great struggle of maintaining thoughts garnished with virtue (instead of being garnished with mayo).

There is this guy that I work with who, I kid you not, would win any competition for the next super-hot A&F model. He has an extremely dry sense of humor, so of course we get along famously. But, for the love, could I please just be able to think about something other than his amazing physique and gorgeous facial features when I'm working with him!?!?! It is far too distracting, and sometimes my thoughts have wandered off into territory that they should not be in. It's painful. Sooooo painful sometimes.

Fortunately for me he is as straight as they get, so there will never be any awkward temptations for me - thank God for that! But it didn't help my inner turmoil the other day when he was wearing his stylish clothes with the trendy t-shirt that just barely comes down to cover his belt line and began to stretch while we were having a conversation, thus exposing his perfectly toned midsection to me. Crap. Start singing a hymn! Think about Hillary Clinton! Do something, but don't stare at him! Ugh. I hope he didn't notice that I was just checking him out.

Then there is the other guy that works down the hall from me. Not quite as perfect a specimen as the afforementioned one, but attractive nonetheless. We don't work together, but for some reason we run into each other in random places all the time. Every once in a while we end up leaving work at the same time and will chat on the way out to the parking lot. He is definitely not straight. I'm beginning to suspect that my untypically friendly personality is begining to clue him off that I'm not as straight as I would hope everyone believed. Yikes. That's a road that I don't want to be tempted to go down. Today it would be really easy for me to say no, but on those occasional bad days I have my doubts that I would be able to say no.

Sigh. I wish there were hot chick engineers that I could dig.


Loyalist (with defects) said...

my office just hired a Admin Asst the other day. Every time i see him, i stop breathing - he's so gorgeous.

I try to avoid his work area entirely. I'm just glad that the last time I ran into him that the elevator didn't get stuck. I would have passed out for lack of oxygen. :)

best wishes

Kengo Biddles said...

LOL! I'll have to try thinking of Hilary in my crisis moments, too!

I empathise with the hot co-worker. I've had some; fortunately none at present...none I would be interested in, anyway.

And seeing you're getting the vibe from the other co-worker, my spidey-sense says to wonder about the randomness of your encounters, just a little bit. :)

I think if there were hot-chick engineers it might violate some basic law of the universe, or they'd be psychotic like the murderous diaper-wearing stalker astronaut.

Distinguishing Preoccupation said...

Best of luck in this situation.