17 November 2009

A Little More Thought

I have put a little more thought into the transpirings in SLC last week with the church supporting a few limited gay rights. I wanted to briefly expound a little on some of my previous comments.

I think that generally, the church is pulling a thinly-veiled PR stunt. They are just trying to save some face. 99% of the GA's doesn't give a shit about you as a gay person. It's an attempt to build up some ammo for future confrontations they will have with the gay community over the marriage issue - "Oh look, we love gay people, we support their rights!" They are going to continue to fight tooth and nail against us in our quest for equal treatment under the law.

I was delighted to see Elder Holland's comment last Thursday. I met him and had a good, long conversation with him once while I was on my mission. I don't expect anyone else to take my word for it, but from that experience I do think that he really is as sincere and genuine as he appears to be.

His comment on Thursday does not change what the leaders are generally trying to do, but it does show me one thing. It shows me that there is one person in the leadership who is beginning to open their mind. I doubt that he's on board for gay marriage at this point, but I do see him as a compassionate person who may help to temper some of the ire from the general leadership over this issue.

I do not view the announcement by Otterson at the SLC council meeting as a baby step, but I do view Holland's statement as that.

The problem with the church lately is that rather than making progress through the "2 steps forward, 1 step back" shtick, they seem to be doing the "1 step forward, 2 steps back" routine which will ultimately end in a negative accrual of steps.

15 November 2009

For Next Summer

It's time to put a little thought into vacations for next year, especially if they are going to happen in the first half of the year.

D and I are planning on going to Gay Days at Disney World Orlando the first weekend of June. Maybe we'll see you there!

12 November 2009

Baby Steps Legitimized

WOW! Did you guys see this today? From the SLTrib:

"Anything good is shareable," Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said in an interview Wednesday, referring to Salt Lake City's new policy aimed at protecting gay and transgender residents from discrimination.

He praised the efforts of Mormon officials and gay-rights leaders who sat down to discuss the issue before the church's endorsement.

"Everybody ought to have the freedom to frame the statutes the way they want," he said. "But at least the process and the good will and working at it, certainly that could be modeled anywhere and even elements of the statute."

That is a statement that I can welcome as sincere and legit. And it came from someone in the Q12. Kudos, Elder Holland. Tip o' the hat to ya.

Holland is the new Hugh B Brown. ;)