12 November 2009

Baby Steps Legitimized

WOW! Did you guys see this today? From the SLTrib:

"Anything good is shareable," Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said in an interview Wednesday, referring to Salt Lake City's new policy aimed at protecting gay and transgender residents from discrimination.

He praised the efforts of Mormon officials and gay-rights leaders who sat down to discuss the issue before the church's endorsement.

"Everybody ought to have the freedom to frame the statutes the way they want," he said. "But at least the process and the good will and working at it, certainly that could be modeled anywhere and even elements of the statute."

That is a statement that I can welcome as sincere and legit. And it came from someone in the Q12. Kudos, Elder Holland. Tip o' the hat to ya.

Holland is the new Hugh B Brown. ;)


MoHoHawaii said...

Elder Holland differs from Hugh B. Brown in one significant respect-- he has an excellent chance of being president of the church someday.

Scott said...

I've always thought (well, not always, but since I came out to myself a year and a half ago) that of all the 12+3 Elder Holland was the most sympathetic toward gay members of the Church, based on the stories I've heard of experiences that others have had with him.

Quinn said...

Holland is my home boy! He has always been my favorite speaker!

Austin said...

yes, Elder Holland is our biggest advocate. He pleaded with the other 14 Church officials to stay out of the prop. 8 fiasco.
I imagine him and elder oaks have some deep-seated issues with each other.

Quinn said...

And where did you hear that from?