14 August 2007

Best News Story Ever

All I can say is "wow."


10 August 2007

The Destination on the Hill

The path that goes to the left is very pleasant looking. Sure it has it's pitfalls and bumpy spots, but for the most part it is very appealing. It's flat and would be fairly easy to walk down. The problem is that the end of the path is foggy. I can't quite see where it goes. It could lead to somewhere amazing and wonderful, but it could also lead to somewhere that I don't want to be. And then what? I will have spent my entire life walking down a path to a destination I don't want to be at. At that point would it be too late to find somewhere else to go?

The path to the right looks difficult. There are a lot more pits and snares and ugly spots in it than the path to the left. It is long and winding. There are nice spots along the way, an oasis here and there. Those look really great. But the path in general looks tedious. It's all uphill too. But, since the path leads up a hill, I can see where it ends. It rises above the fog. The Destination on the Hill is truly amazing. I wish that destination was at the end of the path to the left, but I can see that there is only one road leading up to it and there are impassable cliffs all around. The path to the right is the only way to get there.

But it's so far. It looks so difficult. I know the path that I've been on up until now, and it has been difficult. I would love to have an easier path for a while. But the other thing I can see is that the paths becoming increasingly further apart as they progress. The rocks between them become steep as the path to the right rises in elevation. It would be fairly easy to scramble down from the path on the right to the path on the left at any time. But, it would become increasingly difficult to get from the left to the right due to the steepness and looseness of the terrain. Eventually it looks like it would be nearly impossible.

But what if the path to the left leads somewhere better than the destination I see on the right? What if the Destination in the Fog has a back door that takes me to an escalator and easy access to the far side of the Destination on the Hill? One that I can't see from here? What if? What if?

The map I have in my hands has a few details on it about the two paths in front of me. Not nearly as much detail as I would like, but enough to get me to the destination I choose. The one thing that it does not show is a connection between the Destination in the Fog to the Destination on the Hill. As far as I can tell there is no connection. Once the path to the left is chosen, the Destination in the Fog is what I will end up with. Nobody seems to know what that destination is like. I've asked around, I've read, I've researched, but there is little information. On the other hand, there are copious amounts of information about the Destination on the Hill.

So which to choose? The easier path with the unknown ending? Or, the difficult path with the known ending? The Destination in the Fog or the Destination on the Hill?

And I choose...

Return of the Jedi

It has been a while since I posted and I wanted to give an update.

1) I'm still alive.
2) I loved hanging out with a bunch of other Mohos in Moab last weekend. It was the funnest thing I have done for a long time.
3) We almost died in a flash flood.
4) I'm out of my cycle of depression/loneliness that I get into every few months. So, I'm ready to go out and be friendly with people again. Yay!
5) I hate my day job.
6) I love the new business I'm starting up.
7) I need to go to the gym today.
8) I'm working with my bishop on cleaning up some unresolved issues in my life. He is the most compassionate person I have ever known. I love having him as my bishop.
9) I really want to get some good mexican food for dinner tonight.
10) I love lamp.