31 January 2011

Why the LDS Church Should Thank Hollywood

So, here's an interesting tidbit that I came across yesterday. Apparently, the actor who played John in the temple movie was one of the people who signed a petition to the First Presidency during the Prop 8 days asking that church mind their own business. His reprimand for performing such a heinous act was to be removed from the temple film. Edited right out. Read the details here at the Wheat and Tares blog.

It's a good thing that Hollywood has made such great technical progress over the years, otherwise the editing would be really noticeable.

Too bad they didn't do it South Park animation-style. :P

26 January 2011


We went to Vegas this last weekend to see Cher. It was awesome. She's still an amazing performer after all of these years. A bit egotistical, but I'm sure that if any of us were in her shoes with an amazing 40 year entertainment career we would be the same way.

This was my first time doing Vegas properly. I've driven through many times before on my way to/from Utah, but I've never actually stopped to enjoy the city. I'm now a very big fan.

We gambled (it's astonishing the amount of free liquor you get when you're on the casino floor). We went to several clubs/bars in the casinos. We went to the gay club Krave - which was kind of lame. We went to The Bathhouse at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay. We just had an amazing weekend. And best of all, we broke even. In fact, given the amount of free beverages we got on the casino floor, we came out WAY ahead. :)

Additionally, we flew instead of driving. BEST DECISION EVER! I will never drive to Vegas again after that.

Maybe we should organize a giant MoHo get-together in Vegas this summer. Get your speedos ready! ;)

09 January 2011

My Top 3 Albums of 2010

Here's my annual list of the 3 best albums of last year. "Best" in my book mainly consists of which albums I was drawn to listen to over and over and over and never got tired of them. I'm neither a complex nor a pretentious music critic. :)

Honorable mentions: Gorillaz "Plastic Beach"; OK Go "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky"

3) This one is a tie between Sarah McLachlan "Laws of Illusion" and Kylie Minogue "Aphrodite". They are both very different albums but I absolutely love both of them. The first tracks on each album just never become boring to listen to, no matter how many times you hit repeat.

2) Mumford & Sons "Sigh No More". This album just came out of nowhere and made me like folk music again. I had started to get tired of folk, but this album blew me out of the water and renewed my faith in the genre.

1) Scissor Sisters "Night Work". What can I say? It is a super fun album that you can't help but shake your money maker while you're listening to it. I've listened to this album more than any other this past year.