31 March 2007

Priesthood Session Rules!

I really, truly hope that all of you attended the Priesthood session of General Conference tonight. I just got home (with my post-Conference smoothie from Jamba Juice) and had to say what an amazing experience it was.

You know how you usually sit in conference and throughout a session one or two of the talks will be meaningful to you? Well, I dare say that every talk at Priesthood session tonight hit me in some meaningful way. I especially loved Elder Hales talk. I don't have one of those photographic memories, so I can't sit here quoting him. But, the main theme that I got out of his talk was honoring your Priesthood. He talked about how you need to realize what an honor it is, and that you should always be aware that you bare it. And as you go about in your life, you should always question the places you go and "Should I take my Priesthood there?"

There were so many amazing things said tonight. I really hope that all of my struggling MoHo friends paid attention. I have read so many things in people's blogs detailing their struggles and challenges. All of us MoHos have pretty much the same issues. Every single one of those struggles and challenges had answers given in the talks tonight. All of them.

And the closing song that the choir sang brought tears to my eyes. It was so amazingly beautiful.

Honor your Priesthood. Be the man that God has ordained you to be.


drex said...

Though the entire session didn't really strike me as much as it did you (the first session did that for me, and the priesthood session was just good), I completely agree about that closing song. I couldn't move - it was so powerful. I've been in BYU choirs (this is my first year being in school and not being in one, because of scheduling conflicts), and I've never heard the guys sound that good. The Spirit was almost palpable. I just sat there, enraptured. I will definitely be getting the recording of that. :P

Beck said...

I thought I was the only one who cried all the way through the closing hymn... I kept wiping away my tears as I was overcome. I still can't believe how touched I was!

I'm glad I wasn't the only one... :)

isaac said...

I love Elder Hales talk. Elder Wirthlins as well. For me, Priesthood was the most powerful session and I'm excited to read the talks when they come out and figure out where I can improve. There is so much I can improve on. I'm so thankful for General Conference to help me realize where I'm going off course. I need a course correction every so often (more often than not).