14 March 2007

Who opened the can of boring around here?

Holy crap, my blog is way too serious.

I am not nearly as serious as I'm painting myself to be in this blog. I've discussed heavy issues, and maybe instead of a "blog" I should call it a "whine" or something like that. Anyway, for your entertainment today I will not be writing the horrible story that I originally was. Instead, I will offer you a smidgen of humor.

You have to condition yourself so that whenever someone says, "That drives me nuts," you say, "Hey, that reminds me of a joke," and then tell this joke. About the 10th time this happens, everyone will be laughing before you even tell the joke. Eventually it will become a competition to see who can start telling the joke first. And it usually annoys the hell out of at least one person you know who will always forget the consequences of saying, "That drives me nuts" around you.

Here it is:
So this Pirate walks into a bar and he has a steering wheel down his pants. The bartender looks at him and asks, "Whoa! Why is there a steering wheel down your pants?" The Pirate responds, "Yarrrgh! It's drivin' me nuts!"

Joke Delivery Note: You have to say the Pirate's line in your best Pirate voice.

I guarantee that people will think you are an idiot, and then after hearing the joke repeatedly they will adore you for bringing such stupidity into their lives.

Peace, love and laughter. Be happy today.


drex said...

That's such a good joke. I will admit, I haven't heard it as much as many others have. However, it is the focus of a really awesome t-shirt at the bottom of this page. I would get it, except it's not really 'me,' and wouldn't go over so well at BYU. =P

My Best Is All I Have said...

Drex! Thank you! My life is wonderful now! My brother was the one that started this joke in our family, and I've been agonizing over what to get him for his birthday this month. I just order one for him. XD

playasinmar said...

You are a too serious. Like when you analyzed SSA in reverse.

And who could forget the long, dry Guitar Hero 2 crisis!

Sheesh, lighten up already.

My Best Is All I Have said...


It's terrible! In a month of posting I only had 2 funny ones. Although, the SSA one was hilarious if I do say so myself. I still chuckle when I think about it.

I am going to try to dedicate myself to being light-hearted as often as I am serious. I want to be an upper, not a downer.

Marmoreal said...

I’m apologizing in advance, but I can’t help myself…
Why did the pickle take the prune to the prom?
Because he couldn’t find a date ;)
(no need to tell me how bad that one is, but I love telling it anyway...)

Kengo Biddles said...

I! LOVE! DOCTOR! MCNINJA! Glad to find someone who at least knows of the existence of the comic.