28 March 2007

I Didn't Know They Could Do That!

I just had the funniest conversation EVER with a friend of mine. She called, very panicked about something. She asked me where the nearest hospital was. I blurted out phrases such as "Holy crap!" "What's wrong?" "Are you okay?"

She didn't answer right away, but she was kind of laughing. I was very confused. E, are you okay!? Tell me what's wrong! Then, jokingly, "Are you pregnant?"

"Well, actually, that's not too far from the truth. Okay, um, do you promise not to tell anyone? You are the only guy that's going to know this."

"Tell me. What can I do to help you?"

"Well, I lost a tampon. Inside of me." She bust out laughing, and so did I.

"How did you do that? Wait, maybe I don't want to know. Don't they have a little string on the end so that doesn't happen?"

"Yeah, but if you move around in the right way during the day the freaking string disappears!"

We laughed and laughed. I told her that she made my day. I got her the phone number of an ob-gyn in our ward.

Too funny.


playasinmar said...


salad said...

i've never had that happen, but it's a legitimate fear obviously...:P

agirlwho said...

HAHAHA! It's not uncommon and luckily, it's not deadly either. I heard of a lady that forgot she'd used a tampon and her gynecologist found it a month or so later. Oops. Sorry, lady problems are kinda gross.

Thrasius said...

This is a funny thanks for sharing. Good job on your recent accomplishments, I'm sure that must have been so hard.