04 January 2008

Here We Go Again

Well, it's a brand new year. 2007 is gone, and we've already hit the road running in 2008.

Every year I create a new mantra that has something to do with finding a spouse that year. A marriage mantra, if you will. A few that I can remember from the past are "Say I Do in 2002", "Single no more in 2004", and "Getting some sex in 2006". Yeah, I know that last one doesn't rhyme as well, but it was still worthy. Last year's mantra was "The next step to Heaven in 2007". Well, things didn't quite go as planned in said mantra. Instead of finding a person of the female persuasion to court and marry (sorry, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth) I instead nearly exploded from burying my gayness for so many years. I came out to my family (my mom came out to several of my aunts and uncles for me, how sweet). I wrecked a friendship with a gay guy I worked with. I had a brief fling with a fellow Moho blogger. And, it all basically went downhill from there. I pretty much nose-dived (or is it nose-dove?) into the bottom of the hill. Crash. Burn. Blood. Carnage. The second half of the year was a mess.

I've blogged about a lot that has gone on with me over this last year, but I've kept the majority portion of it to myself. It's far too personal - especially since so many of you know me quite well. I don't particularly like broadcasting all of the craziness in my life to everybody out there. I do want to keep some measure of dignity, believe it or not.

Anyhoo, I am a very different person than who I was last year. It's kind of surprising to me. Now I'm starting out 2008 freely admitting the reason why I've remained single, and I'm wondering about this year's mantra. Should it be marriage-based again? Or, should it be focused on something that seems a little more acheivable, so that I can actually follow through with it?

Is it "Find a mate in 2008", or is it "Gay and great in 2008"?


Felicity said...

Entertaining as usual. Thanks for keeping the blog world fun--one post at a time.

Abelard Enigma said...

Oh, so many options

Take the bait in 2008
Find a bedmate in 2008
Increase the birthrate in 2008
Procreate in 2008
Don't be a deadweight in 2008
Avoid jailbait in 2008
Find someone to relate in 2008
Develop new traits in 2008
Decrease my weight in 2008
Pretend to be straight in 2008
2008 I will examine my prostate
Visit Kuwait in 2008
FInd an old classmate in 2008
Go on a date in 2008
FInd a mate to conflate in 2008
With my hips gyrate in 2008
No longer frustrate in 2008
Change my gait in 2008
2008 is the year to novate
Learn to play quoit in 2008

Max Power said...

I don't know about you, Abe... :P

Josh said...

My sisters did the same thing...

2004: Single no more
2005: Husbands arrive

Sean said...

I love "Gay and great in 2008!" To make it better you could go with, "Gay and great in 2008 and still looking for a mate!"

Abelard Enigma said...

Ooo, I didn't know we could string them together. How about:

"Gay and great in 2008 - go on a date to find a mate, someone with whom I can conflate, so we can start to procreate to do our part for the birthrate, and then pretend that I am straight (my family I will not frustrate) and then with friends we'll play quoit!

(I think I'm starting to sound a little like Dr. Seuss)

All of the single MoHo's could meet at the BYU campus with your green shirts and blue ties (or is it blue shirts and green ties - I forget) and walk around campus chanting this. The chicks will dig it!

Sean said...


That probably will never happen and it would totally freak the girls out. There was a guy one time riding his bike and singing at the tops of his lungs. Well, I really don't need to say more, but the pretty little ladies laughed and then ran away when he came near them. It was hilarious!

PS It is a blue shirt with a green tie.