20 January 2008


Once. I can't believe that I didn't watch this movie when it came out. It was by far the best movie that 2007 produced. It came out on DVD recently and I watched it last night. It was stunning.

As a music nut, with a special love of singer/songwriter style music, I was absolutely floored by the music in this film. It's a story about a wannabe musician busking on the streets of Dublin, who meets a girl, records his first album, and falls in love in the process. It also has an interesting, untypical twist at the end.

It was a super low budget film, so the picture quality is very indie. But I think that makes the movie all that much better. It shows the true grittiness of the lower-class kind of life that the characters live. The story was beautiful. The music was raw and passionate. I can't praise this film enough.

It's rated R for good, old-fashiond Irish language.

Go rent it tonight.

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