13 January 2008

My First Time and Other Random Happenings

My First Time

Well, I finally did it. I had my first experience. It was a lot more painful than I thought it would be. You guessed it, I had the very first migraine of my life this week. It was the worst experience I think I've ever had. I'd rather lie in the road and have trucks drive over my head than experience another one of those.

Seriously, who came up with the idea for people to have migraines? I don't like it at all. If I was given the choice of giving up being gay or giving up migraines, I wouldn't think twice about my answer. I'd much rather be a headache-free gay Mormon than a migraine-ridden stupid straight guy. Ugh. Pass the Midol.


I made good on my New Years resolution to be more proactively social. What many of you younger peeps will find out is that the longer you stay single, the more your social circle shrinks. Of course married people have no social circles, but they get all the action they want so they don't need social circles. :P

Anyway, so the group of people that I've hung with for the last year or two seems to have disbanded. A few have/are moving, a few are dating, and others I just don't have as much in common with them anymore. So on Friday night I was scrolling through my phone numbers list in the old cell phone, and went through the entire thing without calling any of the old group. I found myself with no one to go out with. So, I took a chance and called a guy that I know, but have never really hung out with. I asked him if he knew of anything fun going on, and before I knew it I was eating dinner at Rubio's with about 15 other people and then we went bowling at the most non-trashy bowling alley I've ever been to. They had a digital show of local artists projected on the walls above the lanes, live DJ, crazy lighting, etc. Good times. Good times. I need to call that guy more often.

Weekend Birthday Dinner

I went to dinner last night with a group of friends to celebrate my entrance into the world. We ate at BJ's. The food was great - nothing like pizza and a pizookie to fatten you up. The company was better. Good times were had by all. I love that I'm popular at least one day out of the year. :)

Life In General, Excluding the Fun Time on Friday/Saturday Nights

Ever have one of those weeks where you do really great all week and then screw it up at the very end? Yeah. I had one of those.


One of So Many said...

Even though I'm married I hate how the friend circles shrink. Even the ones you keep are almost never available because they have work or family stuff...blah blah blah.

See I need to make a single friend so they can be at my beck and call. Or...wait...you might actually have a pretty full and good life too? well there goes my thought...

Rich said...

Happy Birthday dude! Hope it was a good one.

Chris said...

I've had migraines since I was a teenager. They suck. Fortunately, there are some really good migraine medications on the market now. Look into them if this becomes an ongoing problem.

Anonymous said...

What'd you screw up?

Max Power said...

Some personal stuff that I'm not interested in blogging about. I have to keep a least a couple of secrets to myself. :D