14 January 2008


Not to be confused with foolishness.

I was just thinking that we totally missed the boat in cool words. Remember when spelling f-words (not the f-word, but words in general that begin with the letter f) with "ph" was the in thing? Like phat, phool and physics - oh wait, I think that last one wasn't spelled with an f. Anyway, we could have called ourselves "phags". Then it would have been really cool to be gay.

Sigh. Always a day late and a dollar short. Oh well. We'll have to settle for Queer Eye and Ellen to make us cool. Of course, now that I think about it, is Queer Eye even cool anymore? It's been so long since I've even attempted to watch it. The blond guy annoyed the crap out of me and nearly made me straight.

Geez. What is gay and cool these days? I'm so out of pop culture right now.


Neal said...

Queer Eye has been cancelld. Where HAVE you been, anyway? :-)

There's an interesting show on now called "Playing It Straight". A beautiful woman and a dozen hunky guys are cozied up at a seculded ranch in the mountains. She has to find out which ones are gay. Every week one or mor goes home. What's cool is that the gay guys are so straight acting, even the straight guys are being fooled! At least it breaks the sterotype of limp-wristed marshmallow-muscled fags who like to play with Barbies.



AttemptingthePath said...

Umm it's because you're 35 today. happy birthday, bitch