21 January 2008

Search Engine Stats

I love to see what kind of web searches point people to my blog. Here's the latest list. The first number is the number of searches using that term, the % is percent of total searches that the term is used, and then of course there is the term used.

Who knew that the invention of "Dengay Fever" while in Guatemala would increase the traffic flow to my little corner of the web? :P

9 19.15% dengay fever
5 10.64% mymormonjourney
4 8.51% reasons to vote for mitt romney
2 4.26% overcoming loneliness lds thoughts
2 4.26% blue shirt green tie
1 2.13% what shirt to wear with green tie?
1 2.13% writers overcoming loneliness
1 2.13% wicked musical homosexuality
1 2.13% living the emotional immaturity
1 2.13% loneliness as depression lds teachings
1 2.13% green tie gay
1 2.13% http://mymormonjourney.blogspot.com/
1 2.13% itertron
1 2.13% the mohos
1 2.13% emotional unattractive
1 2.13% hope for loneliness
1 2.13% lds mid singles wards
1 2.13% reasons to vote for mitt
1 2.13% single overcoming loneliness
1 2.13% shirt and tie makeover
1 2.13% funny top ten reasons why mitt romney should be president
1 2.13% deep emotional ties with people
1 2.13% today horoscope
1 2.13% overcoming emotional immaturity
1 2.13% ten reasons to vote for mitt romney
1 2.13% gay loneliness site:blogspot.com
1 2.13% gay guy with green tie
1 2.13% 10 reasons to vote for mitt
1 2.13% mormon- the pride talk
1 2.13% black suit blue shirt green tie


[əɪ̯ wʌndɹ̟] said...

... isn't it "dengue"?

Abelard Enigma said...

Who knew that there are so many people out there goggling about green ties?

Maybe you should blog about how Mitt Romney should wear a green tie and see how much traffic that drives to your blog.

I've added html code to my blog telling search engines to ignore it; but, this kinda makes me want to turn it back on to see how people would find my site :)