17 December 2007

Random General Authority Visits

So, one of the relatively new converts in our ward turns out to be cousins with the wife of Elder Gary J Coleman, of the Seventy - not to be confused with Gary Coleman the actor. Elder and Sister Coleman decided to come pay him a visit this past weekend, and they came to our ward. And here's the hilarious part:

A friend of mine, who just started coming back to church about 5 months ago after years and years of inactivity, was recently asked to be one of the teachers in Elder's Quorum. Yesterday was his first Sunday teaching, and it was the day the Elder Coleman was there. It was hilarious. My friend was really quite nervous about teaching, and one of the things that some people do when they are nervously teaching is talk A LOT and never ask for audience participation. Well, throughout the lesson, Elder Coleman kept on raising his hand to make a comment, and the teacher kept on ignoring him. It was hilarious. I was sitting there using all of my mental superpowers trying to call to my friend's attention that maybe he should go ahead and let the GA offer his insight. But, alas, I don't have superpowers. So, I just got to sit there and chuckle to myself that Elder Coleman was being ignored. It's probably the first time in the years he has been a GA that something like that has happened to him. Maybe being ignored was a humbling experience for him and he'll talk about it at the next General Conference. :)



Abelard Enigma said...

Man, I get nervous when the stake president comes to visit our ward unexpectedly. If a GA came, I think I'd probably mess my pants.

Max Power said...

Yeah, I was nervous too. It was my Sunday to play the organ in sacrament meeting. I'm only mediocre at the organ, so I was sitting there wondering if I was being compared to the organist for the Tab choir. :P

Peter said...

I must confess to having a dislike of Elder Coleman stemming from some stupid things that he did while he toured my mission. That sure made this post fun to read!