12 December 2007

The Choir Which Shall Not Be Named

The Choir Which Shall Not Be Named is a brand new choral organization here in Southern California, and we just had our inaugural concert this evening. It was absolutely maginificent. We sang in Segerstrom Hall at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. There are about 110 members of the adult choir, and we had maybe a 40 piece orchestra accompanying us.

I experienced a bit of a personal mircale too. I've had a head cold for almost two weeks now. I'm not really sick other than sinus congestion. Well, the worst thing you can have, when you're singing tenor, is sinus congestion. It just becomes impossible to hit the really high notes. So, I prayed with much faith today, took my meds, and lo and behold my entire head cleared up for the concert. I was able to sing as well as I normally do. I hit all the high notes - and for those of you who sing and understand, we hit a high b-flat in one of the songs.

The whole concert was just a wonderful experience. We are singing 3 shows per year, so any of you who live in the LA/OC area, let me know and I will keep you informed of our next show.

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