15 December 2007

A Mild Annoyance

So, in the young adults section of the Northern Lights email discussion group (yes, I'm still in the age range to be in it for another year) there have been several emails this week about the topic of masturbation. It was actually a good, mature discussion of the topic. Nobody was giving out their favorite websites to go to, or giving tips on how to make the experience better, or anything like that. For most adults, it was a perfectly benign conversation.

I say most, because there are always those who cower away from discussing anything uncomfortable. Someone started a "don't we have better things to talk about" thread. I found it annoying. Here's my $0.02:

If you don't like the topic being discussed, then don't read the posts. Nobody is forcing you to read them. Nobody is holding you at gunpoint and making you open every message that shows up in your inbox. There are other people who are interested in discussing the topic in a mature fashion. If that makes you uncomfortable, then don't participate in that particular discussion. Stop whining about it.

I may look back on this post and wonder why I was so bitchy when I woke up this morning. I dunno. I read the posts and was instantly annoyed. Maybe I should just go back to bed.

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One of So Many said...

It sounds like something i"ve noticed in another situation.

What I've seemed to notice, is that many "religious" people want to control everything around them.

Rather than change the channel, monitor what their kids watch and (heaven forbid) have their kids watch no T.V. They just want all the TV channels to have the kind of programming 'they' want that's safe.

In essence they want to eliminate all temptations (and thus choice). isn't that Satan's plan?

Being able to have a decent conversation about such a serious topic is more a benefit than a hindrance sometimes. I might have felt better growing up if I could talk about serious subjects like that.