18 December 2007

Out of Hand

Sometimes things just get out of hand when you let other people know about them. I was annoyed at the whole choir thing, but some people on both sides of the issue got really worked up about it. Holy crap, people. Calm down. For those of you Moho's that are making a bigger deal out of this than what it is - knock it off.

I apologize to the choir director for the uncalled-for things that some other people chose to do. But, I would also ask better understanding from all members in the future with regards to their brothers and sisters in the gospel.

Might I suggest that everyone read what Elder Jeffrey R Holland had to say about working with gay Mormons.


playasinmar said...

Others on both sides? I thought it was just Samantha and me. who else got involved?

Max Power said...

As crazy as it may sound, I do have friends outside of the blog world that I talk to. I consulted several people on this issue.