25 June 2007

Out And About

So I ended up coming out to another person this weekend. I hadn't planned on it, but the timing was right and it was a great experience.

Every year I go with a group of friends up to Lake Arrowhead. We rent a house by the lake and just live the good life for 3 days. That good life includes activities such as Catan, Halo, Guitar Hero, Geocaching, water activities, eating unhealthy amounts of junk food, musical jam sessions, and other such frivolities.

At one point on Saturday afternoon I found myself sitting down on the boat dock looking out over the lake and talking with one of the girls. We've been friends for a few years now. We used to hang out a lot more, but it's an hour drive or more to get from my place to her's, so visiting has become less frequent the last year or so.

We were talking about life in general, dating, the church and the conversation just kind of flowed into me coming out to her. It wasn't scary or nerve racking. It actually wasn't a big deal at all, but just a really great conversation. She's a Mormon feminist (Mofe?) and as such is a lot more open to discussions about non-mainstream stuff. It was really great talking to her about it.

I like gay-friendly Mormons. They aren't too bad. :)


playasinmar said...

Geocaching. Geocaching?!?

Halo; that's something I can wrap my head around.

Max Power said...


-L- said...

FYI, I married a Mofe and it's been a good good thing. :-)