31 March 2008

Random Funny

Some days I feel like the bird, other days I feel like the little kid.


The Apocalypse is Here!!!

Today I was enjoying a lunch at Baja Fresh, when all of the sudden my ears picked up on something. It was a mild irritant at first. Then the twitching began. What is that sound? It's driving me nuts! What?? No! It can't be! Yes, it was a Mexican "banda" version of the Billy Ray Cyrus song, Achy Breaky Heart. Listen to a sample, and buy it here.

And here there are those in our midst saying that the people from south of the border are destroying our society. I think it might be the other way around.

Seriously. Achy Breaky Heart? Couldn't you guys think of a better song to translate? I mean, there are so few songs in English to choose from...


Josh said...

So who are you today? The bird or the boy?

Sean said...

I absolutely love that picture! Thanks for sharing it and I agree that they could have chosen a much better song.