02 February 2008

Snowman Sandcastle Day 2008

There's nothing better than fulfilling a desire that you've had for some time but haven't done anything about. Today that was Snowman Sandcastle Day.

Three of us drove up to Lake Arrowhead to find some snow. There was quite a bit, but unfortunately it had been through several warming/freezing cycles and it was hard. Basically, it was the world's largest sno-cone, but without the syrupy goodness.

That meant no snow angels. Bummer.

Fortunately we had tossed a shovel in the Xterra before we took off. I pulled it out and began to cut large discs of snow-ice. We piled the snow-ice discs on top of each other until they were the proper height, then we decorated the snowman with all-natural garnishings. Kiwi fruit slices for eyes. Orange jalapeno pepper for a nose. Blueberries for a mouth. It was delightful and edible.

We ate lunch (I ate my salad while they ate subway sandwiches. I think I got the better end of that deal) and headed off back home to the beach. In a couple of hours we were down on the sand in 65 degree weather building a sandcastle. With three of us working on it, it didn't take very long. In no time we were the proud parents of a sandy structure for hermit crabs to live in. Although, I can't say that I've ever seen a hermit crab at our beach.

It was great fun. Since I'm now not opposed to people finding out about my gayness, I would post a link to my Picasa web album with the pictures of today. Unfortunately, I have other shared picture albums in there with other Mohos who I'm not sure want to come out to the world. So, I will refrain and just post this single picture of Steve and I. I'm the one with dark hair.

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Sean said...

AWWWW, so cute and precious! I wish that I could do snow and the beach in the same day. You are so lucky Max!