25 February 2008

The Cleanse - Finale

It's over! I made it! I won!

I learned how to eat lots of vegetables and enjoy them. I feel wonderful. I have more energy than I ever have. I lost 14 lbs and reduced my body fat percentage from 20% to 14%. I look great. ;D

I've been eating "normal" food again and it's been enjoyable, but has been a little difficult to adjust to. For example, I went to lunch with some coworkers today, and we ended up at this little hotdog shop in Hermosa Beach. Guess what was not on the menu? Vegetables. So, I got a hotdog and side of french fries. It tasted good, but I felt like absolute crap all afternoon. I could not wait to get home and eat a salad.

So am I going to go back to eating how I was before? Not on your life. Now I've joined a "Speedo Contest" with some friends. It's a competition to, by the time we go to Vegas during the first week of May, see who looks the best in a speedo. Yikes. I've got a lot more situps to do between now and then.


Vanson said...

Good luck with the Speedo contest... haha

Eating good is always nice. I have had a high metabolism all my life so far, but I know my eating habits will catch up with me after I turn 30, if my older brothers are a sign of things to come.

Felicity said...

Not that I'm volunteering, but who's judging this contest? Just curious...

Max Power said...

We haven't worked out the judging details yet. We might have to go to a gay bar and all of us dance on the tables so that we can get unbiased judging from complete strangers. :P