10 February 2008

The Cleanse - Day 15

Well my friends, we are now on the downhill side of the cleanse. It's been a great experience. I'm still on the regular diet again this week, but next week I get to add in a bunch of stuff. I'm pretty freaking excited about that.

I had the nastiest craving for french fries when I walked into Target the other day and passed the McDonald's in there. It was rough, but I withstood the temptation.

One thing that we can't eat during the first three weeks is potatoes. I was sad about that. So, I asked the doctor about eating other rooty things, such as taro. He said go for it. And I did. I was in my big salty snacks craving after the french fry incident at Target, so I decided to invent a new salty snack. I call it Baked Tarot Chips. Yeah, I know, not very creative. They were delicious, though, and satisfied my craving.

I took one tarot root bulb, peeled it, and then cut it into 1/16" thick slices with my super-awesome food slicing tool. I took a cookie sheet, poured a little olive oil on it, and then smeared it around with a paper towel so that there was a very thin film of oil on the sheet - just enough to keep the tarot from sticking, not so much that it was drenched in oil. I lined the cookie sheet with the tarot slices, and salted them. I then broiled them on high for a couple of minutes (you have to watch very closely, because once they start to brown, then will burn very, very fast). And... voila! A healthy, chip-ish, salty snack. They were so delicious.

I wonder if they'll still be that good once I'm off the cleanse and eating normal food again....


Original Mohomie said...

You'll make some for me the next time you're in town, yes? Sounds like my kinda treat. ;-)

Max Power said...

Make you some punch in the face, with a side of purple nurple? Sure! :P