14 February 2008

Singles Awareness Day

Well, a Happy Singles Awareness Day to most of you, and to the few of you in relationships, Happy Valentines Day.

Typically I would be inclined to make some whiney post about how this is the 35th VD of my life, and yet once again I am without someone to share it with. But not today! Today I am going to just say, screw the establishment.

I really want a thickly frosted cookie right now. Damn this cleanse. Actually, the cleanse is awesome. Today is day 19 of it all. I had the most tempting day yesterday, as we had a potluck at work. There were all sorts of unhealthy goodies on the table at lunch. It smelled really good, but there were only a few items that truly tempted me. Most of the food I looked at and thought, ew, that is so over-processed and gross looking. I have no desire to eat that. I think this diet really is doing it's job of reprogramming my tastebuds.

I also kicked it up a notch at the gym. I switched around my workout last week, and it has paid off. This morning I weighed in and I have lost 10 lbs so far, and 5% of my body fat. I'm down to 155 lbs and 14% body fat. It was really motivating to see that. It was so motivating, in fact, that I may be inclined to stay on the diet after the four weeks are over, just so I can for once in my life have that sixpack to show off on the beach this summer (and I'm not talking about beverages). I think that for that to happen I'm going to have to drop to 145 and get in the single-digit body fat percentage.

Go me!!!


Abelard Enigma said...

You go girl !!!


Happy Singles Awareness Day

Now, go celebrate with a brussle sprout milk shake - or whatever it is you're eating these days.

Rich said...

Dang, how tall are you? I think if I were to weigh in at 145, I would be on the verge of death. A complete anorexic. Then again, I am also 6 ft. tall. I'm happy that I am very close to be under 200 again. Now if I can just get down to 175 or 180.

Original Mohomie said...

My roommate's scale claims I'm at 14% body fat, but I think he just reprogrammed it to be a nasty, bitter liar.

Way to go on the cleanse! I've heard good things about such diets. Maybe I'll try it someday...

Max Power said...

ABE: I don't eat dairy products on this diet, so no brussel sprout milk shakes.

RICH: I am 5'9", but also have a fairly slender skeletal structure, so the 155 on me right now is just about right, except for the extra in the midsection.

ORMO: You are fat. Go on a diet. :P