22 May 2007

MOM: Meeting Other MoHos

So I met my first MoHo in real life last night. It was a great experience.

John left a message on one of my other posts, indicating that he was in the area for a couple of weeks and suggested that we hang out. My initial reaction as I recall was, "Sweet! I get to meet a potentially hot gay Mormon guy! The possibilities are endless!" Then that thought quickly evolved into, "Holy crap! Do I dare meet a potentially hot gay Mormon guy? How will I restrain myself from throwing him down and getting it on?"

In many ways, it's much more difficult to deal with the prospect of another gay Mormon than just your average gay guy. It's actually not too difficult to say no to someone who doesn't share your core beliefs. But, when it's someone who is on the same spiritual plane as you are, and understands absolutely everything you feel from day to day, then it's not so easy to say no. I had a lot of fear about this bottled up inside of me. I've never openly met with another gay Mormon guy. I was extremely hesitant to accept the invitation to hang out. But, I figured that it was a hurdle I needed to jump over, so I did.

I had a bunch of friends coming over last night to watch the season finales of 24 and Heroes, so I invited John to come down and join us. I figured that a group setting would help ease the situation - it's kind of hard to jump another guy's bones in front of a bunch of people who think you're straight. We set up a good cover story as to who he was and why he was visiting me, since he is 10 years younger than me. We pulled it off without a hitch. I'm a pretty good story-inventor (I prefer that term to "liar") when it comes to covering up the gay trail.

So 8:00 rolls around, and John calls saying that he is at my condo and is wondering where to park. I immidiately started having major anxiety issues. My head was swimming with random thoughts:

What if he's really hot? I cant' handle that. I sure hope he's not attractive. What if he tries to put the moves on me? I should say no, but hey, I've been a little lonely the last few weeks, and... Crap! Why am I thinking all of this? I don't even know this person! What's wrong with my brain?

I hear him walking up the steps. Well, this is it. No turning back now.

Then I get my first view of John, and my first thought was, "Yikes! He is really good looking. This is not what I need right now."

I invited him in, we shook hands, he sat in the recliner and I sat on the couch. None of my friends would ever show up on time to anything, so of course it was just the two of us. And we started talking. I have to admit, it was a bit awkward for me. And awkwardness leads to poor conversation flow.

We chatted for a bit and then my friends showed up. We ate pizza and watched 24. As a side note, I was disappointed in 24 this season. I think it was my least favorite season. Too much blah, and not enough bang.

After 24 my friends left (none of them are Heroes fans, so I should probably not be friends with them any more) and John and I watched Heroes. It was a great season finale. I love that show. I can't wait for it to start up next season.

Then Heroes was over, and it was time for talking - and hopefully nothing more. I opened up with, "So, how's the gay life up at BYU?" And that got the conversation rolling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the next 4 hours talking about everything. As time went on and we talked more, my anxiety about sitting there with an attractive gay Mormon subsided and I was able to just be normal and view him as a friend. My mind was at ease, and I had a great time. He didn't make any moves and try to make out with me, so I was disappointed greatful for that. :)

So, meeting another MoHo wasn't all that bad. I conquered my fear of it, and can comfortably say now that I look forward to someday meeting many of the rest of you.


John said...

HA HA HA HA!!! Yay for awkward sexual tension! That's so funny because I was thinking a lot of the same things! I was walking up the stairs not knowing what to expect... hoping you were hot (which you are) but at the same time, thinking that probably wouldn't be a good thing.

Then after everyone left and it was still kind of dark, the three percent was wondering what might happen with two sexually-repressed, attractive, gay mormons sitting on the couch talking as it kept getting later and later... but after reading your blog, I kept telling the three percent that you weren't going to make any moves either... and I was also (disappointed) grateful for that :P
(argh...it won't let me put a strikethrough in the comment)

I'm glad we were able to meet and talk forever. Although I was worried that you were getting bored /disinterested... I probably could have kept talking for another couple hours. But that's the great thing about mohos... you don't know each other but you can instantly become great friends. Let's have some more awkward moments sometime soon :)

iwonder said...

Well, you certainly picked a good guy to meet. John's great. I'm glad it went well.

calvin said...

How fun! Heroes also facilitated my first experience in meeting other MoHos, except it involved me walking into a room full of them. It was a great, fulfilling experience nonetheless. I'm glad it went well for you and I'm glad you were able to keep your hands off of each other...

Danish Boy said...

This is so freaking funny to read!~ I am laughing right now under my breath so that my cousin can't hear me. HILARIOUS!! I can't tell you how many times similar things have happened to me.

John~ (Sexual tension) Wow! I never would have thought. You of all people!:) I seriously can't stop laughing!

Thanks for the good laugh both of you. You two are great guys! John I know that because I have met you in person and Max I can just tell by the way you write. You should just move up here. Seriously the more mohos you meet the easier it is to not have to constantly worry or have any " awkward sexual tension" . Well at least in my case. Hope you both have an awesome day.

John said...

Danish boy - I thought the whole thing was pretty funny... especially the way Max recounted it in this post. I'm glad you enjoyed hearing about it. And for the record, I have temptations too (you would too if you met Max! ;) I just only seem to blog when I'm feeling uber-strong and great about life. Either that or I had my own ssa vacation this past semester :) In any case, if I come off in my blog as ssa-immune, it is by no means true!

I would definitely agree with you about things becoming easier as you meet more mohos. Actually, I would say it becomes easier as I get to know mohos better. I can't count how many of the bloggers/other mohos I had secret crushes on at first that went away as I got to know them. (while I'm being completely honest, Calvin, you were one of them). There must be something about these heroes parties :P

Max Power said...

I just have to let everyone know that John looks exactly the same as his picture - a chiseled, white, naked marble guy.

And yes, Heroes is the magical televsion series that seems to have brought together all the MoHos. What a beautiful thing. :D

-L- said...

So, I guess instead of feeling sorry for myself for never having met ANY mohos, I just need to go rent a copy of Heroes when it's available. ;-)

Danish Boy said...

John~ I probably would have been tempted had I met max so that is probably why I am here and all the hot California beach dudes are all down there. Thank goodness! :) No really though I have felt the same way before so I know where you are coming from.

Max~ Although john Is a chiseled well tanned white male I seriously hope he did not show up on your doorstep naked! That would seriously ruin the high opinion I have of him. :D

Max Power said...


You must rent it! Then you can be in love with Hiro and Ando like the rest of us. Peter is fairly hot, but he whines too much.

Danish Boy,

No, he didn't show up naked. I was *hoping* he would, but he disappointed me in that regard. :P

drex said...

Haha, awesome. Next step is for you to visit the whole gaggle of us up in Provo, Max. =D

And L, you should DEFINITELY rent Heroes. It's amazing, and it will create an instant deep bond with MoHos everywhere.

Danish Boy said...

HEy L~ I could come visit you if you wanted to meet a moho in real life. Well that is as long as you live near Utah or thereabouts. I'm sure that there are plenty of mohos where you live. They are practically everywhere. They're probably in hiding. Like most of us. :)

-L- said...

Sorry, Danish Boy, I'm hundreds of miles from Utah. But, if you ever have a spare frequent flier voucher and you want to risk a flight to destination undisclosed, let me know. You'll be the first I meet. ;-)

Danish Boy said...

Hey L~ I am all for taking a cross country trip to said undisclosed location. It's just that I have to get money saved and probably give a little thought to what I do once I get there. Anyways, if you are ever in Utah you should definitely let us moho's know so that we can have a big party!

John said...

I think we should all just come to the EG conference in September. It'll be like a giant reunion of people who don't really know each other :P

playasinmar said...

If L returns to Utah you can bet there'll be a HUGE party. We'll call it L ON EARTH and it will be off da hook!