16 May 2007

The Fourth Path: Gay, Mormon, Celibate

There was an interesting blog over at sunstoneblog.com that was referenced in a comment on -L-'s blog. I took some time to read it and read through a lot of the comments. The commenters started out well, but like my real life sunstoner friends, they quickly veered off into hallucinogenic debates on the relevancy of toilet paper in the afterlife.

I figured that being at least a decade older than most of the singles guys in the Queerosphere here, and given that the older single MoHos have either been previously married, or are living in same-sex relationships, that probably makes me one of the oldest living examples of a celibate/virgin MoHo and therefore one of the foremost authorities on what it takes to stay on path #4. So, I figured that I would share some advice on things that I have learned about path #4 over the years. They will randomly appear in separate posts here on my blog.



Anonymous said...

I look forward reading those posts! What are the first, second and third paths?

Max Power said...

The link in the post that goes to sunstone is to the actual blog that lists all the paths. It's an interesting read. I recommend it.