04 May 2007

Do you know me?

I have inserted a lot of clues in this blog that would lead one to fairly easily figure out who I am - well, at least if you already know me in real life. It may be my overactive imagination, but there are a few people in my ward who seem to be treating me a bit differently as of late. Could it be that they have stumbled across this blog, read through it and figured out who I am? Are they too nervous to ask me about it? It's possible. Or I'm crazy.

Anyway, if you know me in real life, or at least think you know who I am, feel free to come talk to me. Call me up. Catch me after church. Whatever. Don't feel awkward about approaching me and discussing this. I'll give you the code phrase, with my pseudonym, to say to me so that you don't have to outright ask me if I write a gay blog. Say, "Hey, Max, I hear that you ninja-punched some guy in the face at the conference."

Or, just send me an email.


playasinmar said...

You're concerned that someone knows; someone near to you and probably in your ward.

You have to admit, the odds of stumbling across a random blog secretly maintained by someone you realize you know are pretty slim. the only way someone could find an individual blog is if they were looking for it and that means Google. Yet, you haven't given any personal clues that could be picked up in a Google search.

Unless the search was for "gay Mormon."

And if someone was searching for that you may just find someone trying to understand this issue/a sympathetic ear!

Kengo Biddles said...

I know you! I think you're AWESOME.

My Best Is All I Have said...


I'm not concerned about it. I am comfortable with who I am, and if people figure me out, that is okay. I just want them to feel comfortable with approaching me about it.

And, as it turns out, someone did find my blog and call me.

My Best Is All I Have said...


Do you think or know that I am awesome?


Kengo Biddles said...

Well, I wasn't going to blather on with idle platitudes, but, since you asked...