09 April 2007

Why Am I Usually Happy?

Why am I usually happy?

This question goes through my head on a regular basis. Here's a few answers. Some may seem like duplicates of others, but that's because they probably are and I was just trying to make the list longer. :P

Why/When/How am I usually happy?

1 - Continued activity in the Church
2 - Paying attention and participating at Church
3 - Hanging out with friends rather than sitting at home
4 - Being a friend more often than just accepting friendship
5 - Lunch with my coworkers
6 - When my house is clean
7 - After a good game of World of Warcraft
8 - Driving down Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down, watching the waves roll in
9 - Doing my home teaching
10 - Making righteous choices
11 - Being an extrovert, even though I so desperately love being introverted
12 - Making other people laugh
13 - Going on 2 weeks of The Contest now, and because of that I feel the Spirit a lot more
14 - Paying my tithing
15 - Sleeping in
16 - Telling my parents/siblings that I love them
17 - Giving a blessing and knowing that I am worthy to do it
18 - Playing my drums/guitar
19 - Singing in the car (but not to sad songs)
20 - Mexican food
21 - Talking with a cute girl on the phone and setting up a date for this Tuesday :D
22 - Living my life and making choices that I know are in accordance with the Gospel, even as nonsensical as they sometimes seem
23 - Watching Heroes, 24, The Office, My Name is Earl, and Scrubs
24 - Listening to good music
25 - Ice cream sandwiches from Diddy Riese (mmmmmmmm)
26 - Going to the Temple (duh! this should be much higher on the list)
27 - Talking to my parents on the phone on Sunday afternoon
28 - Conversing through blogland with my fellow MoHos
29 - Diet Dr. Pepper, Chips and Salsa, and Popcorn
30 - Helping out my neighbor who is recovering from lukemia
31 - Serving in the EQ presidency
32 - Dreaming of my future children
33 - Taking a book down to the beach on Sunday afternoon after Church and reading while listening to the peacful sounds of the ocean
34 - Instant messaging with -L- on Saturday afternoon when I should be working
35 - Reading other MoHos success stories of overcoming trials and staying on the right path
36 - I love lamp
37 - I choose to be happy
38 - I let go of and don't dwell on a lot of things that would otherwise drag me down and make me sad
39 - Forgive easily and abundantly
40 - Take a deep breath before responding to not-so-kind comments from coworkers
41 - I use the "2 Ears 1 Mouth" rule and listen more than I talk
42 - Learning something new
43 - Giving someone else a good complement
44 - Having a successful meeting at work where nobody started whining or yelling at someone else; everything is kept civil
45 - Dropping down from full-time to part-time employment so that I can start my own business
46 - Submitting my income tax refund and knowing I don't have to fill that crap out for another year
47 - Goofing off
48 - Doing a good job at work and receiving a personal compliment from the big boss
49 - Thinking about the goofy stuff I saw in "Blades of Glory" over the weekend
50 - Light traffic and being able to drive home from work in less that 45 minutes today. WOOT!!!

(I hope to add some more to this when I'm not so freaking tired)


agirlwho said...

That's a wonderful list. You should be happy and it amazes me that we can be so used to feeling mediocre. I hope the happiness trend continues. It will as long as you are doing what you know is right. Congratulations to you on your progress. P.S. I am jealous that you have a beach nearby. I want to go back to Santa Monica!

-L- said...

You are so completely on my 'favorite people list'. You rock.