11 April 2007


In the nerd world known as World of Warcraft, there is an in-game chatting feature so you can communicate with the other people you collaborate with. There is a lot of shorthand that has developed through such avenues as this, along with Instant Messager, and various other chat programs. The shorthand 'brb' stands for 'be right back'. Meaning you are going away for a short period of time, but will return.

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my blog (for the 3 or 4 of you that care). I'm just working on a very lengthy and in-depth series of posts that won't be done for several days. So if I don't post anything until then, rest assured that I haven't fallen off the planet. I will brb.

Maybe I'll just post random song lyrics until I return in full force.


Mormon Enigma said...

Just a clarification. Emoticons (brb, lol, imo, ...) actually predate personal computers. They came about back in the computer dinosaur days (1970's) where you used a computer terminal that connected to the mainframe via a dial-up connection. These weren't the fancy modems we have today with speeds up to 56KB. These were bulky devices where you had to physically place the telephone headset into a cradle on top of the modem. The data transfer speed was a whopping 300 baud. All you young whippersnappers have probably never seen a 300 baud modem in action. When typing out plain text, you can actually see each individual letter as it is typed. Forget graphics, wasn't any such thing (except for elaborate combinations of letters and characters that resembled something when viewed from a distance). Because of this, the Unix programmers of the day started coming up with ways to limit the amount of text that had to be transferred as they communicated over the modem because it was so slow. This is also why Unix commands tend to be cryptic and text based editors, such as vi, used convoluted commands that required two keys on the keyboard pressed simultaneously (e.g. ctrl-z).

Yes, I'm old! But, the people that came up with emoticons are even older than I am. Maybe one day I'll share stories of writing computer programs on punch cards :-) Oh, and btw, I think Al Gore was about 8 years old when he invented the intenet.

This has been a public service announcement. You'll now be returned to your regular gay programming.

My Best Is All I Have said...

- bow -

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!


Mormon Enigma said...

Yes, I'm a computer Nerd (with a capital 'N'). But, you can call me Brother Nerd.

A gay nerd, whoda thunk it?