26 April 2007

Feels so good

Gym rat is how you used to be able to describe me. Two years ago I embarked on my ump-teenth endeavor at building a better body. I was 5'10" and about 155 pounds and something like 14% body fat at the time. None of that weight was muscle, just bone, flab, and my enormous cranium. I quite literally looked like a pregnant pencil - scrawny, but with a pronounced midsection. Not sexy. I used to be sexy a few years before that, but work and my commute got the best of me and I quit going to the gym.

So, I made a major commitment to myself to hit the gym more regularly than I ever had. I subscribed to Men's Health and got all the latest workout techniques. I set up a schedule, and I stuck to it. As I recall, when I first started my transformation program I was bench pressing a max of 115 pounds with 2 reps. Woo hoo!

One year later, after extreme diligence in my workout plan and my eating habits, I was weighing in at 165 pounds, but with 10% body fat, and benching 225 pounds for 4 reps. I looked good and I felt superb. I didn't have the six-pack I was hoping for - still a little pudginess in the midsection - but my arms looked good, my chest looked good, I had an overall good, healthy look to me. I was ready for the Abs Diet to pull off 10 pounds and expose my extremely sexy abs (or at least that's what the magazines tell me I have under the flab) to the world that summer.

Then the worst happened. I was helping somebody in the ward move, and somehow in the course of moving a large piece of furniture down a far too narrow stairway, I sprained my wrist. Sprains are the worst injury ever for me, because they don't like to heal. I once had a sprained ankle that took a year to fully recover. Well, a sprained wrist makes it really hard to lift weights, so I quit going to the gym. Along with that, I was getting extremely busy at work and the commute was getting to me again. My time evaporated, and with the injured wrist, I didn't make any effort to get back to the gym.

Now a year has passed. A couple of months ago I was in Hawaii, and therefore have a lot of pictures of me shirtless. Egads. I look terrible! I have lost all of the muscle gains that I had made prior to the wrist sprain. I couldn't believe it. I have reverted back to my pregnant pencil self. Unfortunately, with various things in my life I just haven't had the time to get back to the gym. Well, that's a lie. There's always time, I just haven't had the motivation to get myself back to the gym.

Enter my new awesome working conditions - part time from home. This was my first week working from home part time. Guess what I did today? Yep. I went to the gym for the first time in a year. I took it pretty easy, I hope, so that I won't be too sore tomorrow. I just did one set of exercises with three reps for each muscle group. I kept the weights fairly low to not overstress my joints or anything. But let me tell you that I had forgotten how much I love the endorphin rush of exercise. Wow! I feel so freaking awesome right now.

Moral of the story? None really. But, to any of MoHos out there feeling sad or depressed about something, let me recommend getting a buddy and going to the gym. It feels great and brightens your day.


Kengo Biddles said...

Here's to getting in shape. I'm going to start an exercise routine, if only to get some cardio. If I can do that, I can hopefully start to lose the pounds I've packed on in the last 4 years. (*gasp*).

-L- said...

I'll second your advice. I can't tell you how much better I'm feeling this year (since I started my New Year resolutions... and kept them.) I've lost 25 pounds so far, and I definitely look a lot better. Most people are nice and say I didn't look like I had 25 pounds to lose, but unlike me they don't have to see me shirtless in the mirror. :-)

Kengo Biddles said...

As long as you're not hearing Edna Mode whisper in your ear, you should be okay, -L-...

Despota e Insensible said...