16 September 2009

Great Quote

I've been conversing with a friend of mine about being gay and Mormon. She left the church last year over the Prop 8 issue, and really has some bitter feelings about it. She is also straight, married and has 3 kids. BUT, she has a gay cousin who is her ultra-super-mega BFF (hence her bitterness at Prop 8).

In explaining her contempt for the church over it's stance on gay issues, she brought up that when she was a teenager she heard Vaughn Featherstone speak at a youth conference she attended. His comment was "homosexuality is a thought-up thing."

I love the ignorance of the church leaders some times.



Bravone said...

If I ever get my hands on the guy that thought this up, I gonna make him pay!

Max Power said...

Here's his info. Hunt him down. :P


Joe Conflict said...

Wow--that's news to me. Disgusting ignorance if it is true...