17 September 2009

Gay General Conference

So, the weekend of General Conference has an, um, alternative choice. You can call it a Gay General Conference of sorts. The rest of us call it Gay Days at Disneyland.

It's ironic that the event is always held the first weekend in October, the same weekend as General Conference. I guess it's a blessing to the Mormon families that their children won't witness homosexuality at large, since they will all be home or at the stake centers watching all sessions of conference.

If any of you are going to be in town, or want to come down for the gay version of General Conference, D and I will be going (and probably going both days). Drop me a line and we can caravan to it as a big gaggle of fags. If you want to come in from out of town, we could probably host you in our spare bedroom.

Hope to see you there!

1 comment:

Trevor said...

I'll be going to Gay Days at Disneyland too! I can't wait. It should be so much fun!