25 September 2009

L.A. AIDS Walk 2009

So, this year D and I are attending the L.A. AIDS Walk. He took the lead at his company for getting walkers and sponsors. I'm proud of him. He's done a good job so far, given the fact that half the people he works with are Mormon. So, please, help us out by clicking the link on the right column of this page and donating a little bit to the cause. It's in 3 weeks (Oct 18th), so don't dawdle!

I was talking about the AIDS walk with some of my coworkers (as my company also has a group doing the walk). They all know that I was raised Mormon, so there have been several interesting conversations arise from that. This was no exception. I was asked what most Mormon's opinions of AIDS was.

I sat there for a bit, and thought back to all the things I had heard about AIDS as I grew up in Utah. And, I shamefully had to admit, that most Mormons (that I knew in Utah and those that I know locally, not necessarily the entire church, but a pretty good sample) thought of AIDS as a just punishment for the dirty, nasty homosexuals out there. If the dirty homosexuals wouldn't have started f***ing monkeys in Africa, then God wouldn't have punished humanity with this disease. Honestly, that is the perception of AIDS that I grew up with in Utah.

I posted the link for donations on Facebook. Most of my friends on FB are Mormon, so I don't really expect any to donate. I hope I'm proven wrong.


Abelard Enigma said...

thought of AIDS as a just punishment for the dirty, nasty homosexuals out there.

It's not just Mormon's who had that perception. When AIDS first came into the public consciousness back in the 80's - that was pretty much what everybody believed. There was the old joke: Q: What's the worst thing about getting AIDS? A: Trying to convince your parents that you are Haitian.

btw, I don't believe the LDS church has any 'official' position on AIDS.

I wish I could contribute - but being unemployed kinda puts a damper on my charitable monetary donations.

Good luck!!! Take lots of pictures and post them.

Evan said...

I have heard similar statements the couple of times it has come up :(

But here is an official Church statement released back in 1988