27 August 2009

So Busy!

I haven't written for a while. I'm going to chalk it up to being super busy. Although, with as much activity as I put into Facebook, all of you who are friends with me are going to call my bluff. I guess my blog has been a little "out of sight, out of mind" lately.

I have nothing really gay to write about tonight, I just am letting you all know that I sold my home ... and I made a killing on it! I bought back in Jan 2002, just as the So Cal housing boom was taking off. The value of my place peaked at about double what I paid for it. Since then, it has lost some of that "value" but I'm still selling it for a large profit. Not bad. Not bad at all!

Some of you may balk at me for selling at the "bottom" of the market. Well, things in So Cal are not like things in the rest of the country. Studying the So Cal real estate market is quite a passion of mine. In a nutshell, most parts of the country may have seen corrections (and over-corrections) in home values to the point where they have achieved decent stability and shouldn't really go much lower. BUT, So Cal (Orange County especially) is still waaaaaaaaaay overpriced on the high end. The low-end housing is actually in an affordable price range, but really, who wants to live in the slums of Santa Ana or further inland where it is ugly, dirty and a brazillion degrees during the summer? Anyway, prices will drop a lot more until things are in a reasonable price range that people can reasonably afford.

So, D and I are moving over Labor Day weekend to a brand new apartment complex in Irvine. It's pretty sweet, and I'm pretty excited to take a break from homeownership (but not a break from homo) and be able to call the maintenance guy to come fix crap when it breaks. We also have a community garden in it, so I can do some real gardening (unlike the somewhat pathetic patio gardening I've been trying to do this year).

Anyone want to come party it up over Labor Day weekend? You can help move stuff on Saturday, and then we'll go to the gay beach in Laguna Beach on Sunday and Monday. Bring your speedo!


Austin said...

Irvine is gorgeous! I'm super envious of you.
Todd's family lives near there, over in Upland, so we may have to come visit you boys sometime.

El Genio said...

Congratulations on selling! The market down here is scary, and your lucky to have that kind of a return on your investment. If you guys need help moving I'm totally down there. I can't offer much help in the way muscles, but I do have an extra pair of hands :)

Max Power said...

That would be awesome! You should come while it's still warm and we can go to Laguna Beach!

I do have to say that it's hilarious to me that you refer to Upland as being near Irvine. I guess to someone coming from out of state it would be that way. To me, my immediate reaction is "Upland is nowhere near Irvine." It's all about perception. (I'm sure there is some deep, philosophical blog post in that concept somewhere...)

El G,
Be warned about offering assistance to us, we might just take you up on it. :) Send me an email and I'll send you the details of when/where. If nothing else, you should come hang out at the beach with us. Oh yeah, don't feel bad, D doesn't offer much in the way of muscles either. He's mostly there for eye candy. :P

(That last statement should prove out my experiment as to if he really looks at my blog or not. Heehee.)

Austin said...

HAHA It also helps that I grew up in Queen Creek, AZ where EVERYTHING is at least 30 min away. (College was 45 min.) So an hour is really not far away.
Irvine is like right in Upland's back yard.

D-Train said...

Well I can't disagree with the eye candy part, but I think I am going to have to challenge you to a push up competition mister.

Erik said...

I would totally come help... except we are moving to a new apartment over labor day weekend too! We're actually moving to a cool brand new apartment complex right down the street from our current place. It's got an awesome wrap-around balcony that's going to be AMAZING for parties. I'll have to host an FHE sometime soon :P