22 May 2008

Straight Guy Activities

So, in spite of the fact that I love so many gay things (such as Broadway musicals, great haircuts, and shopping at H&M), there is a part of me that really gets into some "guy stuff." For example, I love automobiles. I love driving fast in sports cars. I love old American-built muscle cars (the 1968 Chevy Camaro SS is my dream car). I love trucks with big tires, climbing over huge boulders out in the desert. I love the Baja 1000 (and I intend to enter it some day before I die). I can also fix cars quite adeptly (I used to work as a mechanic for a few years while at BYU).

Another thing that I always really enjoyed while growing up was marital arts. I became a student of Jiu Jitsu when I was a teenager, and participated in that for almost 4 years. I competed in the Judo competition at the Utah Summer Games the first year that it was an exhibition sport (I'm not sure if it ever made it beyond that first year as a sport for those games), and I won a gold medal. I haven't done any martial arts since high school, and I admit that it's something I've missed.

Well, I decided to remedy that. I have taken up Muay Thai kickboxing. I did my first workout session last night, and I am so sore today I could die. I feel great! The gym I'm attending is one of the premier training gyms for a few of the professional fighters that compete in the Ultimate Fighting Challenge series, and a few professional kickboxers. They are all pretty mellow, low-key dudes, but still a little intimidating. Hopefully none of them are homophobic, although I don't really plan on flaunting that aspect of my persona in a place like that. ;)

Oh yeah, and now that I've gone through a workout session, I have a whole new respect for how incredibly in-shape boxers are.


One of So Many said...

I prefer the holistic connectivity of Tai Chi. I enjoy healing myself, healing others...and...well...martial application if need be. I would definately recommend it.

Stephen said...

That is a rough art, a young man's game.

Glad you found a martial art that clicks for you.