15 May 2008

CA Gay Marriage

So... am I a bad Mormon if I don't agree with the church on this one?

The problem with the government defining what is and isn't marriage is that marriage is a religious institution. It is not a legal institution, and never should have been included in any laws. From a legal standpoint, any pair of people should be able to grant inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights, joint tax returns, etc, etc to each other. If we can vote, then we are adults and should be able to chose those things for ourselves.

Marriage shouldn't be part of the government. Marriage should remain in the religious world, and then the churches can keep the definition in the traditional way that it was meant.

Can't we do that and make everyone happy?


Josh said...

I concur.

Kengo Biddles said...

I like Salt Lake City's approach: News Article.

I'm all for something like that. It covers people like my friend Eileen who lives with her twin sister, and who is likely to end up an old maid with her sister, and this sort of thing would give them coverage, health and otherwise.

Max Power said...


I like that. I'm surprised that something like that passed the SLC City Council unanimously.

Superstar said...

I've always been surprised how much money and effort the church puts into fighting this while other laws that truly affect the typical LDS family get no attention at all.

The LDS Church and the types of people likely to enter into gay marriage are two mutually exclusive groups. Secular gay marriage won't alter the traditional LDS family or make it any less sacred to Mormons, and gay marriage doesn't seem to interfere with the beliefs of churches that say the man/woman union is ordained of God.

Divorce laws, extramarital sex laws, child protection laws, child support laws, and even laws in countries with prohibitive limits on family size would strike me right off the bat as the types of laws the church would spend millions to target as enemies of the traditional LDS family, because they truly do pose a threat to real members.

Sean said...

I agree also.

A CROW'S VIEW said...

Believe it or not based on your arguments I would agree with you on this one. But those are also my arguments for fighting to help pass Prop 22 originaly, I don't want the gov coming into a church and saying that because the law says that a marriage is legal you either accept it or lose your tax exempt status. Most gay activists would think that is promoting civil rights I think thats a true violation of church and state. I agree marriage is a religious institution, the marrige licenses however is a tax.

But as far as your arguments are concerned they are valid and worthy and I'll admit worth thinking through.

playasinmar said...

It doesn't make you a bad Mormon but it makes you a good Libertarian!