08 May 2008

Maturity In Gay Men

I made an incredible discovery recently which answers the question as to why gay men are typically less emotionally mature than their straight counterparts:

We age in hexadecimal.

That means I'm only 23.

This not only answers the maturity question, but also proves beyond a doubt that I am a nerd.


Kengo Biddles said...

But that means that I'm 1E. I don't know if I like this aging hexadecimally.

And yes, you're a geek, but so is the guy in VA who made his personal license plate read "1000101".

Geekiness can be cool.

Sean said...

How old does that make me?

Max Power said...

Sean, you are 14. That seems about right. :P

Josh said...

That makes me 15. Do I have to relive high school again?

Felicity said...

Yeah...you are REALLY weird. But that's probably one reason I like you so much :)

Max Power said...

Josh, what do you mean "relive"? You never left it... :D

Original Mohomie said...

Hexadecimal? You really are a nerd. Ha, clever boy. But as with Kengo, my age doesn't make much sense.

1000101? Wow. Classy.