13 April 2008

Best Grandma Ever

I just wanted to brag to everyone about how groovey my grandma is. My parents, older sister and grandma were down here all last week for a little vacation. On Friday we all spent the day at Disneyland. My 81 year-old grandma went on Splash Mountain with my sister and me. Can you believe that? An 81 year-old woman on that ride. It was truly amazing.

I'll bet that your grandma is a wuss and wouldn't go on that ride.


Josh said...

My 80-year-old grandma dances on tables. In fact, she always says, "Tables are made for dancing."

It's a little odd, I know, but completely true.

Max Power said...

Our grandmas should totally hang out.

Nick said...

Went to Martin's Cove with my grandma (age 86) last summer and she made the entire trek (including crossing the Sweetwater River. Grandmas are meant to be bragged about, I think.

Max Power said...


That is awesome! Your grandma should hang out with mine and Josh's. We'll start a new club for 80+ year-old grandmas that do things they probably shouldn't. We'll need a good name for them, like "G-Force" ... but a little more original than that.

Oh yeah, and welcome to my blog. :)

One of So Many said...

All my grandma did at 80 was go jet skiing and cheat at cards (very well I might add).