27 July 2007

Writer's Block

Wow, I've really had writers block this week. It's like I've gotten all of my frustrations out of me for the time being, so there's nothing to whine about. I want to write and be creative, but I've sat here each day for the last four days and nothing comes to mind.

Maybe I should go outside and play.

Or go to the beach and read the new Harry Potter. I still haven't started it yet.


drex said...

Go read! It's so good. (:

isakson said...

Yes, do read Harry Potter. You'll love it. Although I think that it was a little over the top when Voldemort married Mrs. Weasley. Who knew?

I hope you're life gets very complicated so that you'll have more to write about soon.

AttemptingthePath said...

i agree with Isakson, I do hope life gets far more complicated so you'll have to word vomit all over your blog. this "nothing to write about" crap is BORING.