12 July 2007

Back Home

Tonight I'm back home in So Cal. The time I spent up in Provo over this past week is something that I will never forget. It was so awesome to get to know so many of you. I had the opportunity to spend a lot more time with some than others. I'm kind of sad that my visits with some of you were so brief. I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone and hanging out again the next time I am up there.

There are a few things I want to blog about, but I am so freaking tired I can barely keep my eyes open to write this. So, I'll sign off and let you all wait in anticipation.


playasinmar said...

You monster. I go to Yellowstone once per ever and that's the week you visit Provo!

drex said...

It was so fun to meet you! Maybe next time you'll be able to attend a bit more of your own party, but I guess what we got will have to satiate us for now. (:

AttemptingthePath said...

i'm glad we got to meet. youre a cool kid. I don't know why I called you a "kid" just then, you could have technically fathered me.


Abelard Enigma said...

There are a few things I want to blog about

I can only assume that one of these will be eight random gay mormon facts about you. I tagged you - so don't let me down :)

And, I'm insanely jealous! I want to go to Utah to meet other MoHo's! Well, I really don't have any desire to go to Utah; but, I would like to meet other MoHo's some day.

isakson said...

Welcome home. It was great to meet you too...you definitely weren't as flaming as I thought you'd be. JK. Later Mr. Power. Until we meet again.