31 January 2011

Why the LDS Church Should Thank Hollywood

So, here's an interesting tidbit that I came across yesterday. Apparently, the actor who played John in the temple movie was one of the people who signed a petition to the First Presidency during the Prop 8 days asking that church mind their own business. His reprimand for performing such a heinous act was to be removed from the temple film. Edited right out. Read the details here at the Wheat and Tares blog.

It's a good thing that Hollywood has made such great technical progress over the years, otherwise the editing would be really noticeable.

Too bad they didn't do it South Park animation-style. :P


Bored in Vernal said...

Max, I am devastated that "John" was edited out of the temple film. But there are no details as to whether this was a reprimand or whether Fred Hunting requested this action (or something else). So let's reserve judgment until more information comes out.

Max Power said...

Oh please...