26 January 2011


We went to Vegas this last weekend to see Cher. It was awesome. She's still an amazing performer after all of these years. A bit egotistical, but I'm sure that if any of us were in her shoes with an amazing 40 year entertainment career we would be the same way.

This was my first time doing Vegas properly. I've driven through many times before on my way to/from Utah, but I've never actually stopped to enjoy the city. I'm now a very big fan.

We gambled (it's astonishing the amount of free liquor you get when you're on the casino floor). We went to several clubs/bars in the casinos. We went to the gay club Krave - which was kind of lame. We went to The Bathhouse at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay. We just had an amazing weekend. And best of all, we broke even. In fact, given the amount of free beverages we got on the casino floor, we came out WAY ahead. :)

Additionally, we flew instead of driving. BEST DECISION EVER! I will never drive to Vegas again after that.

Maybe we should organize a giant MoHo get-together in Vegas this summer. Get your speedos ready! ;)


El Genio said...

Sadly me and Vegas have a mostly hate-hate relationship. Did you ever check out the Cathouse?

Max Power said...

Cathouse? Ewwwwwww!