04 January 2010

A Goal, Not a Resolution

This year I decided to improve my sub-par photographic skills. So, I'm reading more. Looking at and analyzing professional pictures more. And, most importantly, taking more pictures. As a matter of fact, my goal is to do a 365 day photo blog this year. I'm posting one photo each day that I have taken during that day. The first few days were easy (especially since I was on vacation and had plenty of time to find photo opportunities). It will be very challenging on normal work days to come up with a photograph that evening. Yikes! I'm already freaking out.

If you care to take a look at it and follow it during the year, the URL is:

I think that the first three days of the photo blog are not representative of my skills - they were lucky shots and far cooler than what I'm usually capable of. :)

Oh, and this confirms my identity to anyone who has wondered. I don't really feel much need for anonymity anymore. Although, I may still refer to myself as Max Power and my partner as D, just to keep the consistency here in my blog.

Cheers in the new year!


Mark said...

Beautiful pictures so far. Try not to get too stressed out about it, it could lead to failure (I know from personal experience)

So for me, this year I'm trying it again, but not worrying about if I find something interesting to photograph, I'm just going to take a picture of something that is memorable about my day. Hopefully with time it will not only help my photography skills but also be more of a personal visual journal of my everyday life.

Max Power said...

Thanks Mark. I'm trying not to stress out too much. I've told myself over and over that this is just a record of my year, and not a photo contest. Some pics will be good and others won't.

It also helps that when I browse through the Flickr 365 group that I'm posting my photos on, I see a whole bunch of photos that are way crappier than mine. :)

Oh, and welcome to the blog.