22 May 2009


So, two posts ago when I talked about my relationship with D, I had about 70 hits per day for 4 days. With my last post about going to the Long Beach Pride Parade, I had 16 hits.

I also noticed that my blog is no longer linked from Northern Lights. No room for sinners at the table, eh? *shrug*

A tip of the hat to those of you who are interested enough to have me in your reader, and/or are genuine enough to respect my decision to pursue my relationship with D.


Abelard Enigma said...

You'll always have a seat at my table - you and D both.

One possible reason for lower traffic is the increasing use of google reader (and, I suppose, other readers). When someone subscribes to a blog - I don't think it shows up in traffic stats.

If it weren't for Kris Allen I don't think I'd have much traffic either :)

Nick said...

I found a similar situation. When I came out on my blog, I had TONS of hits (really, do that many people even KNOW about this thing?). Subsequent gay-themed posts have been met with many fewer hits.

Max Power said...

Abe, as far as I can tell StatCounter picks up google reader hits as well. At least the "came from" web page is frequently shown as google reader, so I assume that's what's happening.

Max Power said...

Oh, and welcome to the blog, Nick.

Sean said...

Mucho love for you and D-Train, Max!

D-Train said...

Don't worry, the cool kids are all at the other table anyway. :P

MoHoHawaii said...

I don't think you get stats from Google Reader views unless the user clicks through to your page, for instance to read comments to a post. The "came from" page would be Google Reader in that case.

About Northern Lights... what can you do?

In any case, welcome to outer blogness. :-)

Romulus said...

Yeah, I've found that I have to write something controversial or really really sad for a lot of people to read it and comment, so I'm glad that others realize that too :)

And I think that I was connected to Northern Lights, but I haven't looked at it for a year and a half, so I ain't got a clue!