26 May 2009

Gay Marriage Rally

As you've all heard by now, the California Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8 came out today. The proposition was upheld, but so were the 18,000 marriages performed in the window while it was legal.

There were protest rallys all over the state tonight. D and I went to the rally for Orange County at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana. It was pretty great. I guesstimate that there were around 500-600 people there in support of gay marriage, and about 3 oddballs holding signs against it and telling us we were all going to hell.

We listened to a few speakers and then marched from the courthouse to a gathering spot at the other end of the county buildings referred to as the Circle of Flags (or Circle of Fags as I affectionately refer to it). We listened to a few more people talk about it there, raised our voices to join in some chants, and then we all marched back to the courthouse.

It was a good time. It made me proud to be part of something democratic that's changing history.

For the most part, the people who spoke were great to listen to. Unfortunately, the main organizer woman that did most of the talking was not that great. In fact, she was horrible at it - but you could tell that she thought she was great. It's sad. I give her a ton of credit and love for the work she is doing, but she just wasn't all that great behind the microphone. I hope they take my anonymous email well and find someone else to do the speaking. I mean, hey, even Moses had someone to speak for him since he wasn't very good at it. On the other hand, the minister from the Unitarian church that spoke was fantastic. Extremely motivational. I loved listening to him.

They introduced several churches located in Orange County that are very much gay rights and gay marriage advocates. I wonder if these groups will play a larger role in the next ballot initiative that tries to legalize gay marriage. The movement definitely needs better and more cohesive leadership in order to succeed.

All in all, it was a fun evening (followed up going to Lucille's BBQ for dinner).

BTW: D and I happen to be in the picture at the top of this. Time to play "Where's Waldo". Credit for the photo goes to the Orange County Register.


Nick said...

That's so great. I only wish I were in a bigger town so I could have participated in such an event.

On a side note, I'm glad you enjoyed the Unitarian minister... I've been attending the UU here in Idaho Falls and find it to be a very supporting atmosphere for LGBT people.


Sean said...

I see you... do I get a prize?

Original Mohomie said...

Ha, I picked you guys out immediately when I saw the picture. OK, I actually immediately picked out D then naturally found you next to him. Which is funny, considering I've only met D once. :-)

Max Power said...

I'm sure you'll get your chance to march some day.

You get a big, sloppy, wet kiss from my sister's wiener dog. :)

You're beginning to sound more and more like a stalker. Just sayin'...

Romulus said...

Found you!