07 July 2008

Sunday Funday

We had a great one in Fast and Testimony meeting today.

I sat there in Fast and Testimony meeting today, and was quite bored. The people getting up to talk were none too interesting. The microphone was not turned up very much, so it was mostly mumbling that you heard from them anyway. My seat was uncomfortable. I really just wanted the meeting to end so I could go get candy from the clerk's office.

I started texting a friend to do something to keep myself from falling asleep. We traded a few messages. Then at 10 after the hour, I sent him anther message that said, "It's 10 after! Why do people keep on walking up there." This of course referred to it being 10 after the hour, and people being told at the beginning of the meeting that we were ending at 5 after the hour. They should not have been walking up there any more. His reply was, "Ha ha. Don't worry. That's when the good one happen." And he was a prophet.

No sooner did I get that message from him than the last person to share their testimony got up to speak. She has only been a member of the church for a little less than a year, so isn't quite into all of the culture of it. She gets up and introduces herself and says, "Now, I'm not sure if this is appropriate or not..." Stop! Rule number 1: If you ever find yourself saying "I'm not sure if this is appropriate" then you are most likely correct.

She continues on saying that there is someone, a young man, who she has felt really strongly about. He needs guidance and help. He needs our prayers. The thing she wasn't sure about was to have all of us right then join in a prayer with her.

That's a little out of the ordinary, to have a random prayer in the middle of the meeting. Spontaneous prayers are something that you don't normally see in one of our meetings, since everything is scheduled out. I thought, "Wow. This should be interesting." So I bowed my head.

She started praying, and almost instantly I felt that twinge of discomfort inside of me. Do you know that twinge? It's the one where someone is doing something that makes you feel really uncomfortable for them because they don't know that they should be feeling uncomfortable. Yeah. I felt that twinge because she started praying for David Archuleta while he is on the American Idol tour.

I knew I shouldn't laugh. I knew that she was relatively new to the church, and maybe didn't understand the finer aspects of Mormon's churchy traditions and methods and manners. I knew it, but I couldn't help myself. I am a bad person, and I'm probably going to hell for laughing. It was actually a really nice prayer, and she was praying for him to be safe and to be a good missionary and was so sincere about it. But, it was just so bizarre to have that happen randomly in the middle of testimony meeting.

Good times. Good times.


Post-It Boy said...

I was in Sunday School once when a mentally challenged person volunteered to say the prayer... he proceeded to rap.

I think the teacher just couldn't believe it and continued the lesson as normal... amongst giggles from the audience.

And I also have been in a testimony meeting where a woman SANG her testimony. It was a little strange...

Felicity said...

Pee funny. PEE FUNNY. I'm telling everyone I know this story. Heck, even if I don't know them, I'm telling them this story. DELIGHT! I love church...

-AZO- said...

Oh man. I have also had a lady come up to the podium towards the end, only to tell us she wants to present this Mozart aria to the Lord.

Basically. It was this long Operatic piece, and the bishop was nervous about what to do.

also. I was unsure of what exactly she was singing.

I was holding in the laughter. & pee.