30 June 2008

Nothing to Speak Of

I went to church yesterday with a bit of anxiety, because a friend of mine had sent me a copy of the letter that was being circulated on the internet about the church's active support for the upcoming marriage amendment here in California. It was read yesterday, and I was expecting there to be a big to-do about it. But, nobody really said anything about it. It was fairly anti-climatic.

I got the letter a week ago and was very saddened by it. I've stated my position before. I believe everything the church says in the Proclamation on the Family about man and woman married as part of God's plan. I have no problems, no disagreements, no concerns with that. However, I view gay marriage as purely political, not as something that will challenge the church's authority or stance on this issue.

I spoke with my mom about it on the phone and told her that I supported gay marriage and hoped that some day the church would recognize civil marriages between gay people and accept them as full members into the church. As we discussed it she brought up the standard argument of marriage between a man and a woman as being part of God's plan, and that is how people have children and provide bodies for all of the spirits still in heaven waiting to come down. I said, "Mom, gay people don't want to get married to members of the opposite sex. They aren't going to have kids anyway." She paused for a moment, and agreed with me. And the conversation kind of ended there. I think that she started bemoaning the fact that I probably won't produce any grandchildren for her.

I'm not angry with the church. I don't hate the leadership. I understand and sympathize with their position on the issue. But as far as I'm concerned, all people should have the choice of who they want to share their legal rights with, be it someone of the opposite or same sex. I don't ever expect the church to accept gay marriage per se, but it would be nice if gay couples could enjoy fellowship with the Saints.

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Kengo Biddles said...

This is really, honestly a tough issue for me. I've thought long and hard about it, and every time it comes around, I feel myself re-assessing, yet again.