09 September 2007

Praying For Answers

I've had a thought on my mind lately. A lot of people here and elsewhere comment a lot about how there isn't much "direct revelation" on the subject of homosexuality. The information we receive on it, most notably from Elder Oaks, seems to be more along the lines of compilations of existing information rather than a "Yea, verily" coming from the prophet himself.

The information can also be somewhat vague. Granted, the individual experiences that each of us have with respect to SGA probably can't all be solved with a "yea verily," but it seems like we could do with some more direct information with respect to the aspects of SGA that all of us have in common.

I would propose something. As someone who loves the church and the gospel, but would really like some more direct answers, I think that we should have a Moho community fast. I think we should exercise our combined faith and petition the Lord to grant more light and knowledge to us through his Prophet.

Everything that has ever been revealed in this dispensation has been due to petitioning the Lord for answers to questions. Why can't our question be answered? Why can't we receive a greater understanding of our situation? I see no reason why not.

So, I would ask each of you to join with me over the next few weeks leading up to General Conference to implore the Lord in your personal prayers to grant us a greater light and knowledge concerning SGA. Implore Him to speak through his Prophet. And I would also ask that everyone set aside the last Sunday of this month as a special fast for the answers we all seek.

Do I have any takers?


Gimple said...

I've missed you...

I think that it is a great idea. I myself have been fasting for some answers in that department for a while. I will fast with you on the last Sunday of the month.

I hope all is well with you. :)

Tito said...

Two thoughts on this:

1: What would you want to know that hasn't already been said? Church leaders have expounded quite a bit on the doctrinal framework within which we strive to navigate our situation so, beyond that, what else is there? From a doctrinal/Church standpoint, I mean?

2: I love the idea of a joint fast as a way of connecting as a community and toward a heightened spirituality. I usually fast going into Conference, anyway, so I'm up for that. Beyond that, though, I have a deep testimony of the core and framing doctrines of the gospel and want the freedom to seek personal revelation as to how to guide the rest of my life. I don't want anything that might be prescriptive. And things that have been prescriptive in the past have tended to do some damage--ie, get married and it will go away--have left some damage in their wake.

salad said...

i'll join you...i'll have to remember to write it on my calendar though ;)

i'm glad you're back and blogging!

Samantha said...

I will.

Abelard Enigma said...

I'm in!

What would you want to know that hasn't already been said?

We all know the do's and don'ts - what I think we need more guidance on is how. How do we deal with the loneliness and isolation? How do we deal with this thirst we have that can never be quenched?

I also think we need to pray for more understanding and acceptance from the general membership. Many of us remain firmly entrenched in our closets - Largely because we fear how we would be perceived by other members.

Brady said...

I think that's a great idea and I'll join you. I'm put that on my calendar right now. Thanks for taking leadership on this!w

Beck said...

More enlightenment from on high has to be a good thing! It's not going to happen though, in my opinion, with the Brethren unless they see (or feel) the need to say more. (It's like the Iraq War is at the center of all thought and means a lot more to a mother or father with a soldier in combat duty than for one who has none) And further understanding and compassion from the membership at large (as Abe requests)is always worthy of our pleas to our Father.

I think with Abelard, I would love to help put a "face" on the MOHO in the Church as I feel that further understanding and compassion.

Thanks for your thoughts.

playasinmar said...

You're moderating me?

Kengo Biddles said...

I'll join that. When are we fasting?

Max Power said...


Yes, that is the purpose of setting the comments to moderate mode. It's okay on my blog to disagree with what someone else says and discuss it civilly. It's not okay on my blog to be antagonistic to the point where it would stir feelings of anger.

Chris W. said...

I would love the Church members to have increased love and understanding towards us. Being more Christ-like, either as individuals or as the collective Church, is always a noble goal.

But as Tito said, I am not sure what additional "light" the Brethren could give us. Here is a comment I posted on a different blog, but I think it applies to your post:

"In my humble opinion, I believe we have the tools necessary to live our lives as SSA individuals in a happy manner in accordance with the Restored Gospel. Some periods of life are very difficult to endure, and this challenge can feel so burdensome at times.

I used to yearn and pray for a big statement, program, or policy change from Church headquarters related to SSA that would be a God-send to the pain and trials I face. But over time, my desire for such a statement from Salt Lake has decreased. I humbly believe that through personal revelation, adherence to covenants, understanding of the Atonement, guidance from local leaders, daily spiritual activities, repentance, etc., the [negative feelings] we sometimes feel is replaced by comfort, peace, and optimism. God has provided us many resources to handle our challenges."

Abelard Enigma said...

I used to yearn and pray for a big statement, program, or policy change from Church headquarters related to SSA

I, for one, am not looking for any major revelations or policy changes regarding SSA in the church. As I stated earlier, we all know the dos and don'ts. What I would like to see is more compassion and understanding. The words we hear today are much more compassionate than they were 20 years ago - but they still have a ways to go IMOHO.

I would also like to see more council given to the general membership of the church regarding homophobia. For many members of the church "love thy neighbor" doesn't apply to queers.

-L- said...

Maybe the October Ensign article from Elder Holland is a direct response to Max. :-)

Long time no chat. I hope you are well.